Golden Games, York.

Golden Games, York.

11 August 2018

With a blockbuster summer of sport that has included a successful World Cup for the England football team, a Briton winning the Tour de France and millions of people young and old tuning in to watch, sport in the UK continues to inspire people to get active.

The Sporting Memories Network want that summer spectacle of sport to help enliven people over the age of 55 to get involved in their local Golden Games initiative, a joint venture through their collaboration with Sport England.

On Saturday 11th  August between 9am and 4.30pm at the Energise Leisure Centre in York, a mix of sporting activities will take place across the day, including walking football, rugby, cricket, rounders, dancing and more.

The 'Golden Games' is an initiative that aims to engage 1000 participants from across the country at over 18 events in the next three years, courtesy of the three-year Sport England funding which Sporting Memories received in October 2017.

Mike Diaper, Executive Director at Sport England said: “We are delighted to support the Golden Games with National Lottery funding to help people with dementia and cognitive impairments get more active. Being active is one of the most important things people can do to maintain health and wellbeing as they grow older, and the way that Sporting Memories inspires them to do this is quite remarkable.”

Chris Armstrong, Community Sport Manager at Better Energise Leisure Centre said: "The happiness that these events can bring people who may be living with dementia, depression or loneliness is imperative to help improve their wellbeing and that ultimately is what our organisation strives to always achieve."

“The Golden Games is a great opportunity for local residents to try different activities, meet new people and have fun whilst doing so.” 

“With such a range of activities there is something for everyone be that a gentle swim or an invigorating workout and with walking sports on offer you may discover that competitive spark or rekindle a love for a favourite activity once again.”

Megan Hale, Project Coordinator at Sporting Memories Network, said: "The principal of the Golden Games is just fantastic. When we received the Sport England funding, we wanted it to make even more impact on people's lives and this initiative does just that, by getting people physically active once again.

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